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I’m here to help you 

master the art of violin playing

so you can play anything with ease

Become a top-level violinist with Dr. Ye-Jin Han

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“Yejin Han was my guide and my inspiration throughout my most formative years of viola playing. With her help and hard work, I was able to get into my dream music school, as well as being accepted into other top music schools. Learning from her is what prepared me for my own career as both a musician and an educator and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful"

 -Angela Gullo (Freshman at Indiana University, Music Education Major)

Welcome to a completely different approach 

to studying the art of violin playing



I’ve helped my students get admitted to top conservatories, win international competitions, and play at venues like Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. I’ve also helped them deepen their relationship with the violin so they could fall (back) in love with playing and practicing it.


Because my approach is not about practicing audition or performance pieces until you’re exhausted. (Spoken by someone who literally practiced a section from an audition piece one thousand times as a high-school senior -- and gave myself muscle ache for days as a result... At that time, I thought that training the muscle memory from repetition is the only way to get used to the technique I wanted to master.)

Instead, I now show my students how to master challenging techniques, integrate storytelling, and cultivate a deep mind-body-emotional awareness around their violin playing, so they can soar to new heights in their playing while feeling free and confident in their performances.

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Here’s the truth:

how you feel about the violin affects how you play it



When you find violin-playing fun and relaxing, you naturally become a better violinist and find yourself feeling joyful whenever you play it.


Whereas if you always seek validation from your latest competition or audition result, you’re more at risk of becoming stressed and competitive as a performer.


I want to show you a different approach, where improving your skill as a violinist goes hand in hand with loving every minute you spend immersed in your violin and its music.

As your violin teacher, I can help you

win big competitions and triumph at auditions.

I believe, however, "who you become in the process"

is where you find the true joy that last you a lifetime!

And on our journey together, I will help you...

Liberate your playing by finding solutions for your technical problems 



Experience more joy and confidence when playing

Feel grounded and strong, with a positive mindset



Know exactly what and how to practice in order to achieve your next musical goal

I’ve performed on some of the most renowned classical music stages in the world, and I’m here to tell you that your passion for the music is just as important as the competitions you win or the goals you achieve.


In the long run as a violinist, the most important thing is not how many hours you practice each day -- but how much you love to play.

and that love can be reignited by the right guidance and support that help you create close connection between you and your violin!


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Currently, I work with violinists who...

  • love to play --  and want help with overcoming technical issues and resolving questions they have

  • are serious about pursuing a career in music and want to find solid foundation and develop their technique to prepare for auditions and competitions 

  • are looking to have breakthrough moments both in their playing and in their mindset

  • are seeking mentoring and support with developing deeper mind-body-emotional awareness in their playing

  • are younger students with a passion for the violin

Ultimately, I accept students based on their deep love of violin-playing. If you’re interested in studying with me or in having your child take private lessons with me, click the button below to get in touch.

Let's build strong violin-playing foundations that will serve you for life

Becoming a musician takes passion, patience, persistence, and profound inner strength. 


I’ll help you find your grounding within yourself so you can feel consistently creatively fulfilled and draw deep joy from your music -- whether you’re performing at Carnegie Hall or playing for your friends and family in your living room.

My violin practice time is always one of the happiest and most peaceful, rewarding moments of my day.


I pride myself on supporting my students so they can feel the same -- as if violin playing is a safe and joyful practice for them, where they can lose themselves in search of the perfect beauty of the music.

With me as your teacher, violin-playing will become an experience that nourishes your soul and gives you more patience, confidence and perseverance -- bringing greater happiness and fulfillment not only to the hours you spend in the practice room, but to every single area of your life.

Are you ready to feel...

  • comfortable and in flow while you play the violin?

  • motivated to practice because it’s something you truly enjoy doing?

  • more ease and less stiffness in your body when you play the violin? 

  • inspiring guidance that motivates you to keep going and truly believes in you?

If you are, I am here to help you.

Find my guidance in YOU. 

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"Dr. Han has a deep understanding of how to create beautiful sound on the violin, and she is so knowledgeable and inspiring musically! 

I feel noticeable improvements in my sound after each lesson, and her teachings have helped me to connect with the violin and play with ease and confidence! 

- Elle Lee, conductor/pianist, and Master of Music Education in NYU





"I met Ye-jin from Baroque Performance Workshop last year. During several masterclasses, when I was feeling uncomfortable with my playing, she quickly caught the root cause of some problems no one could solve, and suggested some tips which completely changed my playing and made me feel so much freer! I really enjoy lessons with her where I can bring any questions or concerns and she is able to guide me from how I have been trained instead of completely resetting my playing." 

- Juan Carlos Aliaga Del Bosque, Composer/violinist, MM at Mannes School of Music






"I've been fortunate over the last three years to study violin and viola with Ye-jin Han.  She is an outstanding musician and teacher. She is able to combine her achievements as a performer with a strong sense of scholarship and a thorough and well-planned approach to teaching.  She has helped me improve my sound and develop a foundation of technique that I continue to build upon. I'm so grateful for her input as I now enjoy playing the violin and feel confident writing a piece for violin as well."

- Douglas Fisk, composer/pianist, Piano faculty at Long Island Conservatory



Ms. Han is kind, passionate, and caring. She is always there to help me improve as a violinist. She is easy to reach and communicate. She has made me always excited to become a better musician.

- Chrissy Jung (14 years old, 1st prize winner of both New York International Artists Competition, and Prima Volta Music Competition)









I am a mother of 11 years old daughter whom has been learning to play the violin from Dr. Han for two and a half years. Within this short time, my daughter has won many music competitions and performed in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center numerous times already. I have been thoroughly impressed with Dr. Han’s music curriculum and dedication to her students.

- Regina Cho (The 1st prize winner of the Crescendo International Music Competition and prize winner for New York Artists International Competition and many others)’s mom


Teacher Han always makes sure you play to the best in your abilities. She helps you to become a good violinist that reaches for the stars, all the while having a great time.

- Daniel Jung (11 years old)

Shiloh: Since getting lessons from Ms. Han, I have learned to like the violin for myself instead of doing it because my mom told me to. 

Shiloh’s mom: I like the way Ms. Han teaches Shiloh. It’s not unidirectional. I appreciate the two-way communication during the lesson and the eye-level teaching sensibility.

- Shiloh Yi (8 years old, winner of New York Young Virtuoso Competition) & her mom:




Eleanor: I really enjoy my lessons with Ms. Han. Time flies learning violin from her. She has taught me so much about the importance of my posture which is influencing every part of my life. It changes the sound of my music and it makes violin playing easy and enjoyable.  She also encourages me to think creatively - making up stories to go with my pieces. I have improved so much in a year and I have had so much fun with it!


Eleanor's mom: “My daughter Eleanor started with Ye-jin as a beginner and I have been impressed from the beginning with Ye-jin’s kindness and encouragement.  She makes Eleanor feel just as proud and accomplished with her pieces as the more advanced players.  My whole family absolutely loved the virtual concerts Ye-jin arranged for her summer camp and for her students during the school year.  It was inspirational for us all to see the progress and talent of Ye-jin’s students.”


- Eleanor Caspersen (11 years old) & her mom

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