“Yejin Han was my guide and my inspiration throughout my most formative years of viola playing. With her help and hard work, I was able to get into my dream music school, as well as being accepted into other top music schools. Learning from her is what prepared me for my own career as both a musician and an educator and for that, I couldn’t be more grateful"
 -Angela Gullo (Freshman at Indiana University, Music Education Major)


Ms. Han is kind, passionate, and caring. She is always there to help me improve as a violinist. She is easy to reach and communicate. She has made me always excited to become a better musician.
- Chrissy Jung (14 years old, 1st prize winner of both New York International Artists Competition, and Prima Volta Music Competition)


I am a mother of 11 years old daughter whom has been learning to play violin from Dr. Han for two and a half years. Within this short time, my daughter won many music competitions and got to perform in Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center numerous times already. I have been thoroughly impressed with Dr. Han’s music curriculum and dedication to her students she teaches
- Regina Cho(The 1st prize winner of the Crescendo International Music Competition and prize winner for New York Artists International Competition and many others)’s mom


Teacher Han always makes sure you play to the best in your abilities. She helps you to become a good violinist that reaches for the stars, all the while having a great time.
- Daniel Jung (11 years old)


Shiloh: Since getting lessons from Ms. Han, I have learned to like the violin for myself instead of doing it because my mom told me to. 
Shiloh’s mom: I like the way Ms. Han teaches Shiloh. It’s not unidirectional. I appreciate the two-way communication during the lesson and the eye-level teaching sensibility.
- Shiloh Yi (8 years old) & her mom


"I've been fortunate over the last three years to study violin and viola with Ye-jin Han.  She is an outstanding musician and teacher.  She is able to combine her achievements as a performer with a strong sense of scholarship and a thorough and well-planned approach to teaching.  She has helped me improve my sound and develop a foundation of technique that I continue to build upon.  I'm grateful for her input as a teacher and recommend her highly."
- Douglas Fisk, composer/pianist, Piano faculty at Long Island Conservatory



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